Seeing the Stars

I was sitting on the back deck of a cabin in the middle of nowhere recently looking into a hazy sky attempting to star gaze. It was disappointing to be sitting there in an area known to have little light pollution and not see the wonder of the heavens sprawling out before me. I finally resigned myself to the situation and focused on the conversation I was having with my brother-in-law. All of a sudden he said, “Wait the sky’s clear behind us”. He was right, the sky behind us was perfectly clear. We had so focused ourselves on the fact that the sky in front of us was overcast that we had failed to keep our eyes open to the possibility of clear skies anywhere else.

The truth is I wanted to see stars, but when I walked outside and saw clouds I became disjointed. Then I made the mistake that we must always try to avoid, I focused on the disappointment. Because I focused on the disappointment I stopped looking for the stars I came to see. I easily could have left that cabin thinking the stars were never there and the reality was that I wasn’t willing to turn my head to see them. I was one directional and failed to use my brain and remain open to all possibilities. I am still amazed at how often I have blinders on to the rest of the world. It is so easy to become myopic and miss out on the rich beauty open to me.

I doubt I am alone in this problem, actually I’m willing to bet this is a universal problem. I imagine we all have areas where we are blind to the stars. Especially right now as wave after wave of clouds seem to overshadow the news. We live in a culture that is on guard; and wariness can often produce weariness. It is easy to stare at the clouds and forget to turn your head, particularly when so many are so focused on the difficulties and struggles. This may sound hard but each of us has to turn away from the clouds, and right now the clouds are things like news & social media. I came home Friday evening and looked at a social media feed and I realized how much stress it was causing me and so I broke from social media as much as possible this weekend. And the result was I was able to have a clear head and a greater appreciation for my family.

I know it is difficult not to check the news or social media, these are escapes right now. We all feel so out of touch right now and such media has become an important connection to the world around us. But they are clouding out the beauty and glory of many lives. I am encouraging you to look around and take notice of the stars, they are there.

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