Justice Begins in Remembering

I live in rural Ohio and 95% of my community is white. Over the last year I have had several conversations with individuals on race and racism. I find that many people have difficulty with the idea of racism because they believe racism must be overt and individual if it exists. What does that mean?... Continue Reading →

20 Years Later

This week marks the 20th anniversary of September 11, 2001; such an occurrence would have generated significant emotion on its own but with the United States removing troops from Afghanistan and the ensuing chaos such tensions are even higher. I had a post written about this event when I saw an editorial cartoon posted by... Continue Reading →

Saints & Idiots

In advanced matters of theology absolute confidence is possible only for two classes of people, saints and idiots.Origen of Alexandria Origen is not widely regarded in Church circles because some of his beliefs were deemed heresy and understandably many people are reluctant to listen too closely to him. I find I become more guarded when... Continue Reading →

Into the Future

I was talking about the movie Back to the Future III the other night; and since then I have been thinking about one of the major plot devices of the franchise, the notion that a small change in the past can have a large impact on the future. The movies are built around the idea... Continue Reading →

The Difficulty with Genesis

I happened to scroll through a debate happening on a page promoting Young Earth Creationism, it started when a woman made the comment that Genesis 1 & 2 are in complete conflict and cannot both be true. Of course this kind of comment is going to trigger people on the page and the debate will... Continue Reading →

I’m Right!

October 1-4, 1529, Marburg Castle, Hesse, Germany you might not be familiar with this setting but it remains a fairly significant event in Church history. During the Marburg Conference Martin Luther and Ulrich Zwingli met to discuss bringing their reformation movements together. These two men shared many ideas about the Church and were hopeful of... Continue Reading →

Agree on What?

Recently I wrote a post that triggered a conversation with an atheist who made some interesting claims. One of which was that Christians cannot agree on how to read the Bible so how can their claims be true. What an interesting claim to make, at what level must Christians agree for Christianity to be true?... Continue Reading →

God and Science

Last week I was in a discussion based around the comments I made in my blog post, here. The discussion revolved around the intersection between faith and science. During the conversation I was surprised that my discussion partner wanted to push back on my comment that "science can neither prove or disprove God because science... Continue Reading →

Atheists Love Jim

I have a friend, well probably several who fit this description, who I will call Jim. Jim is a Christian and very proud of that fact (and I'm glad for that). If you talk to Jim you will know quickly that God and his church are very important to him. If you ask Jim about... Continue Reading →

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