Wesley George

I attempt to follow Jesus, his teachings and life example as I live out my life. This blog is first and foremost a place for me to reflect on and clarify my thoughts. I frequently find myself presented with difficult questions in life and these are my attempts to provide concise answers. Often I write about questions put to me in conversation, because the process of writing helps me to understand what I believe. I do not expect to provide definitive answers for life, but if my short reflections on some of these difficult questions can help others I’m glad to make them accessible.

We all have those quotes that help shape our thinking and one of those in my life is from Origen of Alexandria, “[In] advanced matters of theology absolute confidence is possible only for two classes of people, saints and idiots.” Saints know God and can speak with confidence, idiots know nothing but also speak with confidence. This is a reminder to me– certainly not one and hopefully not the other– to continue to learn about who God is and how we connect with the Divine.

Who am I
  • Husband
  • Father
  • Pastor
  • Outdoors enthusiast

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