Mind Your Manners

I remember Thanksgiving as a kid, like so many other families we would visit my grandparents. My grandfather would pray before the meal and his prayer would usually end, "keep us mindful of whose we are and whom we serve". He would then sit down and intentionally ask questions designed to stir the rest of... Continue Reading →

What is there to be Thankful for?

Like many others, my family will not be gathering together for Thanksgiving this Thursday. It is truly disappointing to me not to be celebrating with my parents and siblings; however, some of us have had recent exposure to COVID so the decision not to get together was easy. I have been struck by how many... Continue Reading →

Thankful in the Thorns

  One thing I have been focused on (and struggling with) lately is recognizing today’s blessings and trying not to focus on wanting tomorrow’s blessings today.  I find this difficult because today’s blessings come with so much baggage and difficulty, while tomorrow’s blessings shine with the promise of smooth sailing.  I look for little moments... Continue Reading →

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