Justice Begins in Remembering

I live in rural Ohio and 95% of my community is white. Over the last year I have had several conversations with individuals on race and racism. I find that many people have difficulty with the idea of racism because they believe racism must be overt and individual if it exists. What does that mean?... Continue Reading →

Where’s Romans 13 Now

Sunday my wife and I were out, and as we drove along we saw a church gathering for worship. There were 100-150 people coming together for a service and picnic. Where we live churches have a religious exemption from orders barring gatherings over 10, so legally they were allowed to meet. However, our Governor has... Continue Reading →

Do You Speak…

Did you know there are 856 languages spoken in the island nation of Papua New Guinea? The entire nation is the size of California and has about 7 million people. Think about that, on average only a little over 8,000 people can understand each other in their native language. Among the reasons there are so... Continue Reading →


I saw this picture recently and my first instinct was to lash out at the person (who somewhat frequently posts on political topics). But before I did my Greek training kicked in and I started thinking about the real meaning of the term (affairs of the city or we might say society). Suddenly it jumped... Continue Reading →

The Myth of America

The best reason for the serious study of history is that virtually everyone uses the past in everyday discourse. But the historical record on which they draw is abundantly littered with myths, half-truths, and folk history; historians can, or should, provide a corrective for this. This remark applies particularly to the history of Christianity and... Continue Reading →

Draw the Line

(In a discussion I was asked to write follow-ups to my 4th of July post "Allegiance" this post is a continuation of that series)  There are many topics in the modern American political conversion which challenge Christians abortion, immigration, & homosexual rights are probably the most pressing of these currently. I understand that Christians can... Continue Reading →

Allegiance: part 2

In a discussion I was asked to write follow-ups to my 4th of July post "Allegiance", this is the first in that series. I thought it appropriate to begin with the reason I wrote that post. As I scrolled down my social media feeds I saw this picture. I don't know what it was about... Continue Reading →


Today we in the United States celebrate our nation's independence. This means that today my social media feeds will be littered with American flags, the pledge of allegiance, and notes about the signing of the Declaration of Independence. What I woke up thinking about is, what are we celebrating today? For me, the celebration is... Continue Reading →

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