Justice Begins in Remembering

I live in rural Ohio and 95% of my community is white. Over the last year I have had several conversations with individuals on race and racism. I find that many people have difficulty with the idea of racism because they believe racism must be overt and individual if it exists. What does that mean?... Continue Reading →

I’m Right!

October 1-4, 1529, Marburg Castle, Hesse, Germany you might not be familiar with this setting but it remains a fairly significant event in Church history. During the Marburg Conference Martin Luther and Ulrich Zwingli met to discuss bringing their reformation movements together. These two men shared many ideas about the Church and were hopeful of... Continue Reading →

Atheists Love Jim

I have a friend, well probably several who fit this description, who I will call Jim. Jim is a Christian and very proud of that fact (and I'm glad for that). If you talk to Jim you will know quickly that God and his church are very important to him. If you ask Jim about... Continue Reading →

On God and Science

It happens frequently to me that a word will pop up again and again in my life over the course of a week or month and right now that word is cosmology. One of the realities of being a human is that what we think about one area of life influences how we approach other... Continue Reading →

Are you expecting a miracle?

Most of my Christian family and friends would identify as broadly speaking orthodox, meaning they would affirm the traditional teachings of the Church in most areas. Included in this is a belief that God works in this world, a belief that can be loosely called, "miraculous". And though I am sometimes hesitant to use the... Continue Reading →

I Want to Move On.

I am getting tired of repeating myself, I feel like I have been stuck on the same few topics for an entire year. The same events seem to generate the same headlines and I write the same replies week after week and month after month. And frankly sometimes it is tiring; I am completely frustrated... Continue Reading →

Puddleglum the Prophet

I woke up today feeling like a marshwiggle. If you don't understand that just read The Silver  Chair  by C. S. Lewis. I've read this book several times and just finished reading it to my kids (again). These creatures are gloom and pessimism personified. Today that's me. Dealing with the stress and drain of a... Continue Reading →

Real Life

I happen to be reading two very different books right now for two different reasons. The first is Ray Johnston’s Jesus Called He wants his Church Back and the second is C. S. Lewis’ The Screwtape Letters. Both of these books strike at a very important thought, “What is the real world”. Ray Johnston tells... Continue Reading →

Evolution and Redemption: a brief look

If evolution has produced the human being as we know it today, doesn't that mean Jesus cannot be the perfect sacrifice because He was less evolved (primarily in mental capacity) than the versions of humans that came after Him? This is an extremely difficult question and truly deserves a much deeper and more thorough answer... Continue Reading →

A Pinpoint of Light

Though originally used to describe Thanksgiving I think Lydia Maria Child’s words apply equally well to Advent: Over the river, and through the wood—and straight through the barnyard gate, We seem to go extremely slow, it is so hard to wait! For almost two-thousand years now the Church has been waiting, waiting for the appearance... Continue Reading →

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