Constantine and Forgiveness

I have been brushing up on some elements of Church history for a lecture I am giving Saturday (you can find more info here). I read about the Roman Emperor Constantine who, though "converting" to Christianity in 312, put off his baptism until near his death in 337. I confess I have not been much... Continue Reading →

Forgive like Jesus

I don't know how many people have followed the trial of Amber Guyger; I had not until today when I saw the reaction of Brandt Jean. For those who might not know Amber was convicted of killing Brandt's brother Botham. In a somewhat surprising move, and at the sentencing hearing, Brandt extended forgiveness and a... Continue Reading →

What is Forgiveness?

I think the best way to take questions of forgiveness is to begin by understanding the need for forgiveness. Forgiveness presupposes that two individuals have in the past had a relationship and that this relationship has been strained or broken. This principle holds true whether we talk of a relationship between humans or a relationship... Continue Reading →

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