Out with the Old, In with the Old.

Tomorrow is New Year's Eve, and with it comes the inevitable comments about the coming year. This year is no exception, and I have already encountered my fair share of posts about how 2021 will be a better year- "after all how could it get worse." I, like so many others have been touched deeply... Continue Reading →

Do not Grow Weary

I'm definitely tired, I'm writing this post late Tuesday night because I had a long day today. Wednesday, when this post will go public, my work day will start at 7am. I'm tired. And because I am physically exhausted I am tempted to give in to this picture and raise my hand. I am tempted... Continue Reading →

What are We Making?

I have been using this picture recently and I thought I'd take this opportunity to explain it in a little more context. First, I feel I must point out that I am listening to medical professionals who are encouraging modifying our lives to prevent the spread of infectious disease. If limiting our contact with one... Continue Reading →

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