Is it God's fault?

Perhaps you have seen this or something similar as you are scrolling through social media. The picture is using two verses (2 Chron. 7:13-14) to suggest that God has sent COVID-19 on us as a plague. The implication is that we cannot remove this plague except through some kind of repentance. I know that on... Continue Reading →

A Response to First Things

Recently, I wrote a response to Mark Galli recent Christianity Today op-ed. I feel the criticism I have received for that post (and opinion) is undue and so I am going to also write a response to Peter Leithart's recent commentary in First Things "The Case for Keeping Trump". To do this I am also... Continue Reading →

Loving Service

In John 13 Jesus is approaching the end of his ministry and is giving his disciples his final instructions. Jesus begins this final set of instructions with a very physical and very humbling illustration, he takes off his “good clothes” and wraps himself with a towel to perform the work often delegated to a very... Continue Reading →

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