Did Religion Simply Evolve to Help Unite Humanity?

Catching up on the Unbelievable? podcast this week I was listening to the episode with Jon Steingard and Sean McDowell. Steingard brought up a common understanding that religion evolved because religious belief structures made it easier to hold larger groups of people together. The theory is that because it is difficult to have intimate relationships... Continue Reading →

Real Life

I happen to be reading two very different books right now for two different reasons. The first is Ray Johnston’s Jesus Called He wants his Church Back and the second is C. S. Lewis’ The Screwtape Letters. Both of these books strike at a very important thought, “What is the real world”. Ray Johnston tells... Continue Reading →

God with us

We all want God to simply part the clouds and look down on us, or to verbally communicate with us, unmediated. But, that cannot be, God is far too great, and we are far too insignificant. I am not sure what encountering God’s unmediated presence (I want to use terms like “real” and “physical” but... Continue Reading →

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