The Story of the Church: Part 1 The Early Church

About the Event

The story of how Christianity moved from a small out of the way Roman Provence to dominate the Empire is fascinating. Unfortunately, many have not had the opportunity to adequately connect with these events. We invite you to an interactive lecture on the origins of the Christian movement facilitated by Wesley George. We will be walking through a brief history of the events, controversies, and thinkers who helped to shape the early Church. Beginning with the Roman occupation of Judea in 63 B.C.E. through the Fall of Rome you will gain a greater appreciation for the Christian faith developed. This promises to be a fun morning connecting around the development of the Christian faith.

Place & Time

Canal Lewisville United Methodist Church

198 Church St.

Coshocton Oh 43812

DateSeptember 25, 2021
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No reservations are needed for this event but we are trying to have an approximate count please fill out the registration form to tell us you plan to attend. For those outside the area we are considering a live stream if you would be interested in that option please indicate that in the comments. You can also click the Facebook button to share the event with friends. A donation will be taken at the door to help cover costs.

COVID policy- currently face masks are optional but those not vaccinated are encouraged to wear them. This is subject to change according to church policy revisions.

The witness to God’s saving action is best served by letting the tested language of the Christian tradition, as refined through countless historical and political mutations, speak for itself out of its own power to modern minds struggling with the follies and limits of modernity. Only those who give traditional Christianity a fair hearing can fairly decide whether it makes sense. Deteriorating modern ideologies must now catch up with the ever-new forgings of classic Christianity, not the other way around.

— Thomas Oden