Why We Decorate

Tomorrow marks the beginning of the season of Advent, a time of preparation for Christmas and Jesus’ coming. Several years ago I wrote an Advent devotional based on various celebrations happening over the course of the next month which have come to be associated with Christmas. I have decided to present that devotional here during the course of Advent and each day I will post a short devotional around some traditional celebration of Advent & Christmas. I sincerely hope that this time is a blessing to your life and I hope these devotions can help spark your celebrations. I admit that the majority of the customs I used in this devotional are European or American. This is because these are the customs with which I was most familiar, and they were easily researched. However, I have been thrilled over the last few years to see that I have picked up readers around the globe and my hope is that these individuals will tell me of their traditions so that I could write a follow up to this devotional with a much broader representation. If you have a fun tradition especially one that has cultural significance please comment below or email me wesley@saintsandidiots.com I can’t wait to discover new customs that can make their way into my own Christmas celebration. May your Advent provide opportunity for deep reflection, and growth and may your Christmas be joyous. Pax Christi

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