RIF Week

I still remember the emphasis my elementary school placed on reading- RIF (Reading Is Fundamental, book fairs, and of course Book It with the free pizzas. These days I set a goal for what I am going to read during the upcoming year during the last week of the current year, the goal is twofold- the number of books I want to read (Goodreads makes this easy) and 3-5 books I will definitely read during the next year. This year I have decided to do an homage to RIF on the blog. I’m calling this RIF Week and for the first time in a long time I will release a post a day for the week. Here is a teaser of the planned schedule.

  • Monday- My Favorite Reads From 2021
  • Tuesday- Quincy’s Top 100 Novels (80-71) [I’m loving this series from Quincy]
  • Wednesday- Renovare’s 25 Books Every Christian Should Read
  • Thursday- My 25 Books Every (American) Christian Should Read
  • Friday- What I am Excited to Read in 2022

I hope you enjoy this series and I look forward to people commenting their favorite books or how these lists have inspired new reading choices in 2022

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