And the Truth will set you free.

I can remember from a very early age hearing the phrase “All truth is God’s truth”. This phrase has had a marked influence on my life. If all truth has its source in God, then it stands to reason that I should not be afraid of listening to anyone who claims to report “truth” in a field. After all, if a person claims to speak the truth I should be able to do research to corroborate the claim. As so many others have pointed out many Christians have lost sight of truth. Whether we are talking about Christian participation in conspiracy theories, backing the lies of their favorite politicians, or simply denying scientific realities, it is lamentable that Christians fail to hold to truth (to say nothing of the compromise of our shared ethical truth). How can we claim to follow a person described as “the way, the truth, and the life” and not be the ardent seekers of the way, the truth, and the life? And yet here we are. Where is the rigorous search for truth in the Christian mind?

Facts do not lie but facts must be interpreted. All science can be traced back to the philosophical concept that God is a rational and ordered being and therefore the world must also be rational and ordered. Yet, today Christians flat deny scientific evidence. Why because materialist scientists have conflated the evidence with an atheistic view of the universe, and so many Christians think that to stand against the atheism they must stand against the presented evidence. They thus deny the science in an attempt to refute atheism. But this is not sound, We must accept the scientific discoveries as revealing a part of God’s creation and thus revealing a piece of God. Christian scientists such as John Polkinghorne, David Wilkinson, Alister McGrath, & Francis Collins have done wonderful work interpreting scientific data within the Christian worldview. We as Christians must be open to listening to discussion about how our planet works because it is after all a reflection of God.

Tinfoil hats. The culture of mistrust between Christians and certain segments of science has lead to, in my mind, an inconceivable respect for conspiracy theories. I recognize that many outside the church believe conspiracies and that it is political leaning more than faith which motivates whether a person believes a particular conspiracy. However, I am still saddened that we as Christians so easily fall prey to people who believe the next vaccine is the mark of the beast. Why is it we do not stop to ponder about these theories? Why do we believe doctors telling us it is safe to reopen, despite their obvious financial motives, while claiming government supported doctors have a financial motive for a shutdown? In what world does that make sense? We have to become more skilled at separating truth from falsehood, or as is so often true about conspiracy theories, truth from half-truth.

Sweet little lies. One of the greatest disappointments I have had in American Christianity over the last decade our willingness to support outright lies told by politicians. Sadly I see this on all sides of politics, a trend to support candidates no matter the facts, because these people tell us the lies which support our ideology. Our inability to have a moral backbone to call out those we support is part of what is ruining our political system. We would rather support the lies than risk losing power.

All of these are because we are not ardently seeking after truth. We Tolerate the lies and then we live the lies, called out as hypocrites by the culture around us. I see this regularly with people I deal with and have seen it even more in recent months. I recognize that I am a person prone to researching everything often to my detriment, and so I do have a bias. But, how can we honestly call ourselves children of God if we are not actively seeking the truth? How do we confront a post-truth culture if we do not stand for the truth? How can you expect me to believe you when you talk about the facts of Jesus when you will not accept the facts of COVID-19 or the evidence of a politician’s lies? I recognize that the acceptance of a materialist Atheistic worldview will lead to a post-truth culture, however it would be a truly sad thing if a Christian worldview led there as well.

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  1. Hi Wes: Thought provoking as usual. I appreciate and agree with your views. Thank you for having the courage to share.


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