A Response to First Things

Recently, I wrote a response to Mark Galli recent Christianity Today op-ed. I feel the criticism I have received for that post (and opinion) is undue and so I am going to also write a response to Peter Leithart's recent commentary in First Things "The Case for Keeping Trump". To do this I am also... Continue Reading →

A Response to Christianity Today

I am intentionally publishing this before Christmas because I do not want politics to mess with my holiday. Recently Christianity Today published an op-ed titled "Trump Should Be Removed from Office", which has caused a great deal of discussion and controversy. I read and loved the article but I have received what I think is... Continue Reading →

Together for Christmas

There might be some data somewhere to scientifically verify this but I am not aware of it. but talking with pastors I know I think there is circumstantial evidence enough to say worship services the Sunday after Christmas is consistently poorly attended. I struggle with this, how is it possible that people can spend a... Continue Reading →

Gloria in excelsis Deo

I love "A Charlie Brown Christmas" and I love the scene where Charlie Brown finally breaks down and asks if anyone knows what Christmas is all about. You know the scene, Linus replies, "I do Charlie Brown" and then recites Luke 2:8-14. It is a poignant part of the drama, where all the decorations and... Continue Reading →

Christmas Paradox

This week I have been thinking about Zechariah's song (Benedictus) in Luke 1:68-79. Today I noticed just how much political language is in the first four verses of this song. 68 â€œBless the Lord God of Israel    because he has come to help and has delivered his people.69 He has raised up a mighty savior for us in... Continue Reading →

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