Forgiveness goes before

I recently wrote a reflection on forgiveness (here) and in a discussion about that post I found there is one more thing which needs to be said. Ans since I ended that post with a line from Relient K it is only fitting to begin this one with a line from their "Be my escape",... Continue Reading →

Puddleglum the Prophet

I woke up today feeling like a marshwiggle. If you don't understand that just read The Silver ┬áChair ┬áby C. S. Lewis. I've read this book several times and just finished reading it to my kids (again). These creatures are gloom and pessimism personified. Today that's me. Dealing with the stress and drain of a... Continue Reading →

Forgive like Jesus

I don't know how many people have followed the trial of Amber Guyger; I had not until today when I saw the reaction of Brandt Jean. For those who might not know Amber was convicted of killing Brandt's brother Botham. In a somewhat surprising move, and at the sentencing hearing, Brandt extended forgiveness and a... Continue Reading →

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