Danger of a Small God

While reading a very informative article on the Biologos site (here) I had an interesting thought. It seems to me that there is often a temptation, for both secularists and Christians, to say that God can only exist if the world is simple. No one would ever think of using this wording but it often... Continue Reading →

The Myth of America

The best reason for the serious study of history is that virtually everyone uses the past in everyday discourse. But the historical record on which they draw is abundantly littered with myths, half-truths, and folk history; historians can, or should, provide a corrective for this. This remark applies particularly to the history of Christianity and... Continue Reading →

If only God would speak up

The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands. Psalm 19:1 NIV I closed my last post by alluding to the many coincidences I have experienced in my life, particularly those which led me to a deeper and richer faith. In fact, coincidentally I was tangentially thinking about this... Continue Reading →

Draw the Line

(In a discussion I was asked to write follow-ups to my 4th of July post "Allegiance" this post is a continuation of that series)  There are many topics in the modern American political conversion which challenge Christians abortion, immigration, & homosexual rights are probably the most pressing of these currently. I understand that Christians can... Continue Reading →

Allegiance: part 2

In a discussion I was asked to write follow-ups to my 4th of July post "Allegiance", this is the first in that series. I thought it appropriate to begin with the reason I wrote that post. As I scrolled down my social media feeds I saw this picture. I don't know what it was about... Continue Reading →


Today we in the United States celebrate our nation's independence. This means that today my social media feeds will be littered with American flags, the pledge of allegiance, and notes about the signing of the Declaration of Independence. What I woke up thinking about is, what are we celebrating today? For me, the celebration is... Continue Reading →

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