I’m scared of Halloween

If I'm honest I've never really cared much about Halloween. Sure, it was fun to get candy when I was younger, but my neighborhood was spread out an we walked a lot for our candy. I got a little more excited about the festivities when I started passing out candy to the little kids who... Continue Reading →

Is the flood story in Genesis exaggerated?

Well... It’s not so much that the stories are simply exaggerated as the authors had different ways of conveying a story than we use.  We want to dismantle these stories on scientific levels, but the author is completely unconcerned with painting a naturalistic picture he wants us to see God’s work in creation.  Let’s look... Continue Reading →

How has Christianity grown and developed throughout the world over time, how has it spread and how have other cultures influenced it?

It would be impossible to discuss the growth of Christianity over time without writing several books.  Throughout the years there have been people who completely accepted Christianity as true and have so cared about people in another area that they have taken the message of Christianity to them.  But the basic answer is Christianity has... Continue Reading →

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