Sabbath Rest

When most people think of the fourth commandment (honoring the Sabbath) they either think “let’s go back to Blue Laws”, “Yes, a day off”, or perhaps, “Didn’t Jesus do away with that one”. The last of these is the easiest to answer, no Jesus did not do away with honoring the Sabbath. Jesus never did... Continue Reading →

Heaven’s Gates? Hell’s Gates!

I have seen this picture posted a few times on social media recently and it nearly turns my stomach. I will try to stay away from too much political commentary on United States immigration policy; but I am ashamed at the use of Scripture in such a shameful manner.  The comment is meant to say... Continue Reading →

Job and Blessing

I really love what the people at The Bible Project are doing. Recently, I began listening to their podcast from the first episode and now I’m finishing the episodes on Job. Job is a strange and difficult book (and no I do not pretend to understand it). Job begins as a rich and powerful man;... Continue Reading →

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