The Old Rugged Cross

At our Good Friday service last night we were challenged by the hymn"The Old Rugged Cross". As I thought about the hymn I thought about working with carpenters on various projects. I thought about watching them select wood for the project and at least once I was told to throw a piece away because it... Continue Reading →

Loving enough to say no. Or not.

Over the last day I've been thinking about Jesus's actions in the garden. I've been especially drawn to the part in Jon depiction where Peter cuts off the servants ear with sword (join 18:10-11) He love Jesus enough that he would risk sacrificing his own life to try to save Jesus. After all to attempt... Continue Reading →

Following the Crowd

Today is the day we all, with the crowd of Jerusalem, shout hosanna; we lay down palms and imagine a donkey trotting over them. There are times that our shuts and praises take us back and put us into the midst of the crowd. This morning you heard about the crowds who were squeezing into... Continue Reading →

Real Life

I happen to be reading two very different books right now for two different reasons. The first is Ray Johnston’s Jesus Called He wants his Church Back and the second is C. S. Lewis’ The Screwtape Letters. Both of these books strike at a very important thought, “What is the real world”. Ray Johnston tells... Continue Reading →

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