Listening at Babel

This past Monday we were setting the sanctuary for World Communion Sunday.  Among the additions to our regular worship space was a series of small flags representing various countries around the world.  The intent of the flags is to help the congregation focus on Christians in these countries.  I was talking with another man about... Continue Reading →

The Bible in Quotes

My Bible study has started to focus on the Book of Psalms and I’m really enjoying the discussion. One thing I’ve been forced to think about is how the New Testament authors used the Psalms to help elevate their own works. They do this with several OT books not simply the Psalms; one minute your... Continue Reading →

An honest vote: one year on

One year ago I wrote a post about casting an honest vote in the presidential election. A year later and all I see is a growing partisan divide. Obviously, we are going to have differences of opinion in a country which covers thousands of square miles and contains 300 million+ people. That is not the... Continue Reading →

My prayer for the day.

Today is world day of prayer for the care of creation; established in 1989 this is a relatively new event on the Church calendar. Unfortunately, I find that often creation care is only a concern in more mainline and left leaning churches; and then, often only because it is tied up in social concerns. However,... Continue Reading →

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