There are very few things in human civilization that are as universal as gift giving, almost every culture values gift giving and uses gifts to express a variety of meanings. Gifts are used to express regret and remorse, to express joy, festivity, and celebration, and perhaps most importantly a loving bond between two people. For... Continue Reading →

Lesser of Two Evils

"Of two evils, choose neither."  Charles Spurgeon In this year’s U.S. presidential election there is a first, the candidates put forward by the two major political parties have disapproval ratings above 50%. No matter which of these candidates gets elected over half of the country will be dissatisfied, AMAZING! Disapproval ratings means the people who... Continue Reading →

Loving Service

In John 13 Jesus is approaching the end of his ministry and is giving his disciples his final instructions. Jesus begins this final set of instructions with a very physical and very humbling illustration, he takes off his “good clothes” and wraps himself with a towel to perform the work often delegated to a very... Continue Reading →

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