It is Well?

Many are familiar with Horatio Spafford’s life and the story behind his wonderful hymn “It is Well with My Soul” (for a brief history see here). The song was written in response to the news that his four daughters had drown on their way to England. I cannot imagine penning the words, “When peace, like... Continue Reading →

Learning to Push Through

Over the course of the fall our neighbors have begun clearing off the hillside which separates our houses. What was once a thicket full of dense underbrush has become a neat little grove of trees. I have begun to take my daughter for little walks up the hillside to look at the trees and little... Continue Reading →

God with us

We all want God to simply part the clouds and look down on us, or to verbally communicate with us, unmediated. But, that cannot be, God is far too great, and we are far too insignificant. I am not sure what encountering God’s unmediated presence (I want to use terms like “real” and “physical” but... Continue Reading →

Impressionists and Epiphany

On Monday I had the opportunity to visit the Painting the Modern Garden exhibit at the Cleveland Museum of Art. As I walked through the exhibit, filled with impressionist paintings, I thought about how all art is in reality impressionistic. All art even the most realistic photographs are simply artistic representations of reality, meant to... Continue Reading →

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