Wednesday with the Wesleys

5. I say, “perhaps he cannot know,” for who can tell how far invincible ignorance may extend or (that comes to the same thing) invincible prejudice, which is often so fixed in tender minds that it is afterwards impossible to tear up what has taken so deep a root? And who can say unless he knew every circumstance attending it, how far any mistake is culpable, seeing all guilt must suppose some concurrence of the will, of which he only can judge who searcheth the heart?

6. Every wise man, therefore, will allow others the same liberty of thinking which he desires they should allow him; and will no more insist on their embracing his opinions than he would have them to insist on his embracing theirs. He bears with those who differ from him and only asks him with whom he desires to unite in love that single question, “Is thy heart right, as my heart is with thy heart?”


John Wesley “The Catholic Spirit”

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