Wednesday with the Wesleys

Celebrate Immanuel’s Name

1. Celebrate Immanuel’s Name,
          The Prince of Life and Peace!
     God with us, our lips proclaim,
          Our faithful hearts confess:
     God is in our flesh reveal’d,
Heaven and earth in Jesus join,
     Mortal with immortal fill’d,
          And human with divine!

2. Happy they who humbly dread,
          The glorious King of Kings;
     He on them his beams mail shed,
          And cherish with his wings,
     Christ, the Sun of Righteousness,
On them shall rife to set no more,
     All the sin-sick sons of grace,
          To health and heaven restore.

3. Sun of Righteousness, arise!
          My trembling foul to cheer;
     Thou whose glory sills the skies,
          Be manifested here:
     Chase the darkness from my mind
Ah my unbelief remove,
     Heal my foul, diseas’d and blind.
          By heavenly light and love.

Charles Wesley

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