The Pilgrim’s Way

    A peasant goes to worship and hears Paul’s words to the Thessalonians, “Pray without Ceasing”, this is how The Pilgrim’s Way begins. From there the unnamed pilgrim seeks to discover the meaning of these words, and his quest leads him to the Jesus Prayer and The Philokalia. The book is told from them pilgrim’s perspective as he recounts his tales to his spiritual mentor. What we are shown is his highs and lows as he journeys through Russia endeavoring to fully develop his life with God. The pilgrim’s life is not easy, he goes through many trials, but, what we should focus on is how his mind is shaped by God to see the joys of life. It is also noteworthy of how many times people are drawn to the traveler, giving one the impression that a life cultivated and shaped by prayer will draw people toward it, even if it is seeking solitude. This is a very easy to read story, but, to truly do it justice one must spend time reflecting on it, the pilgrim’s story hits one multiple levels and takes time to sink in. Very much worth the read, and anyone who picks it up should try to find a translation which includes The Pilgrim continues his Way which is a sort of epilogue for the first story.

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