William Law “A Serious Call to a Devout and Holy Life

This book could easily be entitled “A Serious Call to a Structured and Disciplined Life”, for Law holiness is a byproduct of discipline. He recommends to the reader a life of devotion based on the classic hours of prayer. While doing this, he compares the holy life to those who fail to practice such a life, showing how those dedicated to holiness are far better prepared to face the world. Law never understands this dedication to living a holy life to be easy, he is well aware of the trials and pitfalls of such a practice, and frequently comments on such. Some readers might be tempted to dismiss portions of the book as “puritanical”, but, this would be a rush to judgment. Some of the practices of “holiness” might seem quaint or even out-of-touch, but, even in these places the reader can gain valuable insight from listening to Law’s rationale for his stances. Hearing Law at such times might take some amount of reflection, but, this time is highly beneficial, and should not be rushed. This book was one of a handful which helped pave the way for monumental revivals in England and America and should be given due attention.

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