Brother Lawrence “The Practice of the Presence of God”

Brother Lawrence was an 18th century French monk who spent much of his time working in the monastery kitchen. His goal in life was to be as near to God while going about the routine of the kitchen as he was singing in the choir. “The Practice of the Presence” is a roadmap to emulate Lawrence in the ideal of experiencing God in the mundane areas of life. It is no easy feat to be as open to God’s presence while peeling potatoes of washing pans as when one is enraptured in worship. What makes this book even more special is that he never intended to write a book. After his death, Lawrence’s correspondence was compiled to create this volume. “The Practice of the Presence” represents organized advice given over time as a student grows in the practice of drawing near God. This book is a terrific read and gives wonderful practical advice for drawing near to God on a daily basis, even amidst the stress of modern life. It is to be highly recommended especially for those wanting to help overcome some of the stress in their lives.

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