Throwback on Philippians 1:21

“Because for me, living serves Christ and dying is even better.” Philippians 1:21

Only of them that labor for holiness and truth are the hopes destroyed by no deception; no issue can destroy their labors, for the kingdom of the heavens that awaits them is firm and sure. So long then as the word of truth is on our side, never be in any wise distressed at the calumny of a lie; let no imperial threats scare you; do not be grieved at the laughter and mockery of your intimates, nor at the condemnation of those who pretend to care for you, and who put forward, as their most attractive bait to deceive, a pretence of giving good advice. Against them all let sound reason do battle, invoking the championship and succour of our Lord Jesus Christ, the teacher of true religion, for Whom to suffer is sweet, and “to die is gain.” –Basil the Great

It is not death itself that is gain, but to die in Christ. Life is Christ. The one who has hope in him is always alive, both now and forever. –Marius Victorinus

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