Questions for Meditation

Questions for private daily use


  1. For what moment today am I most grateful?


  1. Have I been zealous to do all good?


  1. Have I kept myself from evil and sin? If not have I repented?


  1. Have I failed to show love for God or neighbor?


  1. Have I spent sufficient time in prayer and meditation? Have I remembered and interceded for others?


  1. What have I learned from my reading today? From my meditation?


  1. What were the highest and lowest points of the day?


Questions for use in Wesley style Class Meetings or other group settings


  1. What is the general state of your relationship with God? Or what is the general condition of your soul?


  1. What has been a spiritual high point this week? Or what was the closest you felt to God this week?


  1. Do you have any praises for the week?


  1. Do you have any concerns for prayer?


  1. Do you have anything you do not understand or need to discuss?


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