Throwback on Romans 13

Don’t be in debt to anyone, except for the obligation to love each other. Whoever loves another person has fulfilled the Law. Rom 13:8 CEB

“Paul shows that the fulfillment of the law is found in love that is charity. Thus also the Lord says that the whole law and the prophets depend on these two precepts, the love of God and neighbor. So he who came to fulfill the law gave love through the Holy Spirit, so that charity might accomplish what fear could not.” Augustine

“Do not fail to repay debts. Only the debt of love should remain, because it can never be paid in full. According to the parable of the Lord, who bids us show mercy to everyone without distinction, we must think of every person as our neighbor. Paul mentioned love first because he was writing to the faithful and dealing with behavior proper to righteousness.” Pelagius

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