Wednesday with the Wesleys

Thy ceaseless and unexhausted love,

Unmerited and free,

Delights our evil to remove,

And help our misery,

Thou waitest to be gracious still,

Thou doest with sinners bear,

And all thy grace declare.

Thy goodness and thy truth to me,

To every soul abound,

A vast unfathomable sea,

Where all our thoughts are drown,

Its streams the whole creation reach,

So plenteous is the store,

Enough for all, enough for each,

Enough for ever more.

Faithful, O Lord, thy mercies are,

A rock that cannot move,

A thousand promises declare,

Thy constancy of love.

Throughout the universe it reigns,

Unalterably sure,

And while the truth of God remains,

The goodness must endure.

Charles Wesley

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