St. Augustine “Confessions”

There are so many ways to praise this work it is hard to know where to begin. St. Augustine’s Confessions created a genre of literature “the spiritual autobiography” and stills stands out as one of the greatest ever produced. A bishop known for delving into the deep waters of theology Augustine shows a tender and very pastoral side in this work. He exposes his limitations and shortcomings in a very authentic way. One easily experiences the emotion of the book, the anguish of Augustine’s mother Monica, the guilt over his past behavior, the emptiness of his search for God, and the joy of his discovering God. One of the greatest strengths of the book is that it helps the reader reflect on his or her own life. Augustine provides us with a lens to help us ask why did I do wrong? And, what does God’s love mean and look like? If you want to know where to begin in devotional literature there is hardly a better place than this work.

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