St. Athanasius “On the Incarnation of the Word”

In 2011 Renovaré released its list of 25 books every Christian should read; while I would change a few selections, I feel it is a tremendous list. So as I introduce what I feel to be the great literature of Christianity, I will first go through their list in the order it appears.


Part devotional, part theological treatise, part homily, part defense of Christianity, St. Athanasius bishop of Alexandria, produced a wonderful exposition on the purpose for and importance of the incarnation. Addressed to the blessed of God, the book effortlessly reminds us of our nature in God. We are also reminded of God’s great love for us; love so strong that it experiences our lives, highs and lows. Athanasius reminds us that God’s love for us does not always make sense to us, but, if we believe God, God will help us to understand. This very short work is easy to read and tremendously helpful for understanding God’s desire to recreate the world.


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